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Goodell’s rulings are always so much livelier than the man himself. One reason they’re so entertaining is because he always doubles back. It’s like watching a kid do a Spirograph. Peterson has amassed 12,276 rushing yards in his career and rushed for a career high 2,097 during his MVP season in 2012. But the veteran has been beset by injuries since then. After rushing for 1,485 yards and 11 touchdowns for the Vikings in 2015, Peterson has gained 601 yards and two touchdowns on the ground in 13 games over the past two seasons..

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This is an extension of Step 1, but it merits its own mention. Let’s say you’ve been committed all summer to employing the Zero RB approach. (In short: Avoid running backs altogether for the first five or so rounds, then take a lot of them during the rest of the draft, hoping to hit on enough fantasy starters at the position.) You read the initial article from Shawn Siegele.

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