HON Chi Ming, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and

Search Archives ‘ finding aids database for collections or browse a research guide presenting collections by subject area such as African American studies, architecture, arts, business, childhood, Great Depression, LGBTQIA+ studies, literature, music, Midwestern studies, Native American studies, Western studies, women’s history, and more.Highlights of the Rare Books CollectionsThe contains books formerly owned by a nineteenth century utopian socialist community as well research materials about the history of that community. The largest portion of the collection is comprised of several hundred books which belonged to the Icarian community near Corning, Iowa, which existed from 1852 until 1898.The vast majority of these books are in French, and most were published from the early 1700s to the late 1800s. The also includes a research section containing resources about the Icarian community near Corning, Iowa.Most of these books were published after the community ceased to exist and the majority are in English with a small number in French or German.

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