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As a supervisor, it beneficial to understand this mindset in your colleagues. It not a lack of loyalty. It forethought, mixed with a bit of anxiety, and topped off with ambition. There’s no cheat codes. It’s just an incredible story of perseverance and consistency and fundamentally doing the right things day after day for a long time. And you’ll hear all about it, all about his journey, all the specifics, and where he is today and how great things are going for him over the course of the next hour and 15 minutes.

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Around 92% of the population that widely use social media add emojis to their posts. Emojis are great: they allow you to sound not so serious and relate to your audience. Also, emojis have the ability to draw attention. This city’s theater scene is chock full of improv. Whether you’re new to it or a grizzled veteran, you won’t have to hunt too long to find a venue. Each Friday and Saturday night, the Shelton Theatre hosts its own brand of “secret” improv theater.

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