(The one exception might be those playing the Tampa

“The people in Philly say he’s smarter than they thought, and they thought he was smart. I thought he was a better version of Joe Flacco. They’re making a lot of quick throws with him. If the Chicago Bears and new Coach Matt Nagy are right about the development of 2017 No. 2 overall pick Mitchell Trubisky, each NFC team will face opponents with quality quarterback play in at least 12 of its 16 games. (The one exception might be those playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during Jameis Winston’s three game suspension to start the season and instead facing backup Ryan Fitzpatrick.) That means the path to 11 wins is going to be challenging for even the conference’s best teams, and NFC contenders will need to go 4 0 or 3 1 in games against AFC opponents to have a good shot at getting there..

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The Rams are also overly reliant on Gurley, which became clear when he suffered a knee injury in the third quarter that sidelined him briefly. McVay admitted that the runner’s absence limited the offense on early downs. That put more in the hands of Goff, who struggled, with two interceptions, no TDs and a subpar QB rating of 66.8.

Lanier said she was offered the new job on Friday and mulled it over during the weekend. She broke the news to the mayor on Monday. A half dozen members of her command staff were at her side when she announced the news publicly, and she said she got https://www.cheapnbajerseysstore.com 700 messages of support..

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