One of the franchise’s signatures is the pirate ship

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FILE In this Oct. Tepper expressed frustration with government officials over not allowing fans in the stadium for the team’s Sept. 13 home opener against the Las Vegas Raiders. What constitutes “important stuff” differs for everyone. For some, clearly, it’s the outcome of the Super Bowl. As much as I love my alma mater, I’ve never prayed for a win.

“They use him all different ways,” Vikings Coach Mike Zimmer said Tuesday on a conference call with reporters. “He’s very nifty in the passing game. He’ll give you a head fake and a shake and go the other way. When Ik EnemkpalibrokeGeno Smith’sjaw and knocked him out of action before the start of the season, it thrust Ryan Fitzpatrick, the offseason free agent acquisition, into the starting quarterback role. While Fitzpatrick’s QBR of 64.5 is not earth shattering, it dwarfs Smith’s QBR of 44.3from last season, which ranked 25th overall. Fitzpatrick is currently ranked No.