“Obviously I believe that he’s had an impact in the

NEW ORLEANS Washington Redskins Coach Jay Gruden stood at a makeshift lectern in an interview room deep beneath the Mercedes Benz Superdome late Monday night and seethed. On the field outside, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees had set the NFL record for all time passing yardage, just one of many indignities to befall Gruden’s team in a 43 19 defeat, and the coach was mad. Really mad..

It will be on Max Browne, a junior with nine career games to his credit, to take over an offense that features plenty capable personnel. Running backs Justin Davis and Ronald Jones both scaled the 900 yard plateau last season. JuJu Smith Schuster had more than 1,400 yards receiving and caught 10 touchdowns..

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“I’m hoping he has an opportunity to play,” Bennett said Sunday. “Obviously I believe that he’s had an impact in the country. You see what he started, taking a knee, and how he’s affected the communities from young children to even older Americans and finding a way to have an impact.

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It’s unclear when these types of games will return for local schools, even if teams get back on the field this winter or spring. An out of state trip typically would be scheduled up to nine months in advance. It’s difficult to project how safe it will be next year to put 70 players on a flight or cram them into buses..

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