No team has since at least 1991

Third down woes: At one point late in the first half, Fox play by play man Kevin Burkhardt wondered if an NFL team had ever converted 100 percent of its third downs in a game. No team has since at least 1991,, but the Falcons made a bid. Atlanta entered Sunday with the league’s second best conversion rate on third down and converted all eight of their opportunities in the first half, prompting Redskins Coach Jay Gruden to tell Fox’s Pam Oliver at halftime, “We’ve been a joke on third down.” Atlanta finished 10 for 13 on third down, the last conversion a 35 yard touchdown pass to Julio Jones on third and two late in the fourth quarter that put the final touches on a rout.

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As of this date, the CDC guidelines, which were designed to protect children, teachers, school staffers and their families no matter the state and no matter the politics have not been altered. It is not unusual for CDC guidelines to be changed or amended during a clearance process that moves through multiple agencies and the White House. But it is extraordinary for guidelines to be undermined after their release.

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