Next year, according to Spotrac, he is due $15

Trufant’s impact still might not be as palpable as the improvement we’ve seen from Jones this season. The second year linebacker is single handedly capable of shutting down the middle of a defense as well as anything underneath. We saw it with his game ending interception Thursday night in Week 14 against the Saints, and we saw it last week with his game ending pass breakup on Rams wideout Sammy Watkins.

Points scored each round depend on how well you and your opponent played. If you sink four bags into the hole and your opponent does the same, the points cancel out. If you sink four bags and your opponent sinks three, you get three points for the additional bag you got in the hole.

Which brings us back to Johnson. Next year, according to Spotrac, he is due $15.95 million in cash, and he will cost $24 million against the NFL’s salary cap. There has been lots of discussion in Detroit about whether the Lions would be able to restructure Johnson’s deal, essentially paying him less as he grows older and, presumably, less effective.

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She went on to win gold medals for Team USA at the International Federation of American Football Women’s World Championships in 2013 and 2017. Divas owner and team president Rich Daniel said of Brownson’s future. Divas receiver Callie Brownson was hired by the Cleveland Browns this week.

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Even the Denali falls under the company Like a Pro branding and the leather has to be thick (and stiff) enough to survive 100,000 entry/exit cycles and still look good. Still, the Denali doesn have quite the interior cachet of an Audi, Lexus, or Mercedes Benz. Or Ram 1500.