Later in the quarter, Smith looked Richardson’s way

“A lot of times the last couple years, guys to be honest with you, you look down at your call sheet and say, ‘Well, I can’t put this guy in that situation,’ or ‘this guy in this situation.’ You have to pick and choose your spots during games,” Guenther said. “But I think, with the young talent that we have, the speed that we have, the first thing that I noticed is that we’re much faster on defense. We got some good rushers, we got some good cover guys.

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The Redskins needed only four plays to march 75 yards for a touchdown on their opening possession. They scored on a 46 yard pass from Smith to Paul Richardson Jr., who was well covered when Smith released the ball. Later in the quarter, Smith looked Richardson’s way again and drew a 22 yard pass interference penalty on rookie cornerback Jaire Alexander that helped set up Washington’s second touchdown.

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wholesale jerseys We will redouble our efforts to be catalysts for the urgent and sustainable change that our society and communities so desperately need. I’m so proud of everyone across our league and others who have taken a stand using their voices and platforms to continue to shine a spotlight on things that must change.”Player protests led to games being postponed in other leagues. With the NFL season scheduled to begin next Thursday, some players have spoken of the possibility of sitting out games but it is not clear whether that will occur.”They all have a choice, an individual choice and right to either sit out or protest, however one would characterize it,” Troy Vincent, the NFL’s executive vice president of football operations, said Tuesday.The league and union said Thursday the NFL will have an hour long show on NBC next Wednesday, on the eve of the season opening game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans, to provide “a platform for our players and allies to discuss the work that we are doing together to advance social justice and equality.” The NFL and NFLPA said they also will sponsor nonpartisan education programs for players and staffers on registration and absentee voting and will continue to encourage voter participation in communities.”These commitments are part of a continuing effort and build on the exceptional work of players and clubs over the past several years,” the NFL and NFLPA said wholesale jerseys.