“In the past few years alone, I’ve seen pretty much

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buy canada goose jacket cheap If visibility is poor, you slow down.”Mr Ness said it was was important boat owners were reminded of their responsibilities and showed consideration for themselves, other boat operators and marine life.Having recently had one of his boats struck at the Bluff Boat Ramp while unloading passengers from a charter, Mr Ness said it was unfortunate poor behaviour was so common.”In the past few years alone, I’ve seen pretty much everything; what you could call stupidity, negligence. And just outright bloody arrogance,” Mr Ness said.”You’ll never curb it all, but especially at this time of the year in whale season. You have to drive to the conditions.”Don’t get me wrong, whales are very hard to see and this bloke didn’t try and hit one, but he wasn’t looking out for them.”It could have been a canoeist, a kayaker a swimmer or a windsurfer and if they get hit, they’re dead.”As a member of the Victor Harbor Boating Committee, Mr Ness said more could be done to improve the behaviour of boaties.”We need an illuminated sign installed at the boat ramp,” he said.”You can’t put a sign up for everything that goes wrong at a boat ramp or in the sea, but a general one saying ‘be aware of whales and navigate with extreme caution during this period of the year,’ that would help.. buy canada goose jacket cheap

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