In our own community, we are fighting the

In the first four games of this season, Norman intercepted four passes, defensed two others and returned two of for touchdowns. After that he rarely was targeted more than five or six times a game. Based onhow the opposition’s No. In our own community, we are fighting the stereotypes, so that our children, grandchildren and the generations that follow come to understand their heritage, their identity as a people and their languages, as well as the importance of continuing to fight for their rights as the ancestral people of our region. It’s hard to do that when, in school, they pretty much get one week on Native Americans during Thanksgiving, while all summer long professional baseball is full of the Atlanta Braves’ tomahawk chants. Just try to educate your family on the reality of your culture when the stereotype seems to be the reality for everyone else..

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Pandemic motivated closures and stalling demand left many prominent retailers looking for ways to preserve cash. Some stopped paying rent. Others furloughed workers, cut executive pay and canceled orders for new inventory. But there was intrigue because of the Bears’ decision to draft Trubisky second overall in 2017, leaving Mahomes for the Chiefs and Deshaun Watson for the Houston Texans. Mahomes developed into the league’s MVP last season and took the Chiefs to the AFC title game. The Bears won the NFC North last season but have regressed this season, and Trubisky has not become anything close to the franchise quarterback he was drafted to be..

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A by the University of Central Florida’s Diversity and Ethics in Sport Institute found that 86.7 percent of athletic directors at Football Bowl Series schools this academic year are white. The most highly paid college football coaches work in the Power Five conferences. Of a total of 64 head football coaches in those conferences, 57 89 percent are white..

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