He was also involved heavily with local Boy Scout

The entirety of the Scalise video painted a bleak picture of the country, with cleverly spliced scenes designed to make major cities look like places of anarchy and violent chaos. That’s already disingenuous; protesters demanding an end to centuries of racial violence have largely been peaceful. But what made it so remarkable wasn’t just that Scalise twisted the truth about Black Lives Matter.

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In this case, the Bengals’ need at that position and Burrow’s status as an Ohio native gives Washington a chance to add a player with superstar ability to a roster desperate for an athlete with franchise player talent. Young, a prodigy who played at DeMatha High, has been front of mind since the 2019 season ended. Redskins quarterback Dwayne Haskins, who played with Young at Ohio State, left for the offseason with a simple message..

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