He is a football coach, so Payton is programmed to

On July 3, when the team finally announced it was going to look into changing the name, there was a vague reference to conversations between the owner and the commissioner, but it wasn’t Goodell who got to Snyder. It was Fred Smith, the CEO of FedEx. More accurately, it was the money Smith controls in that role.

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ET. It’s a huge addition for the Texans, who get the most promising quarterback available after having to start Brian Hoyer in last season’s playoffs. Hoyer’s four interception performance in the season ending postseason loss to the Chiefs seemed to convince the Texans that they simply had to devote considerable resources to upgrading the position.

Fines, and even the threat of suspension, are not enough to dissuade players from dangerous hits. They are wired to win in the moment. A greater chance of suspension enforced by clearly written rules, as opposed to in the moment interpretation by officials, would help.

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