But while executive compensation was down overall

canada goose In a year that saw tens of thousands of Albertans lose their jobs, top executives at the city’s 100 largest publicly traded companies saw the overall value of their compensation packages drop by close to 10 per cent year over year, according to a survey conducted by Global Governance Advisors for the. In the energy sector specifically, median compensation for top executives was down close to 20 per cent, while in the battered oil and gas services sector, it was down more than 35 per cent.Ninety per cent of the companies surveyed delivered negative returns to shareholders in 2015. But while executive compensation was down overall, companies took different approaches when deciding how to reward their top decision makers in the downturn.Husky Energy CEO Asim Ghosh.

canada goose uk black friday Because if you have no self correction mechanisms, people aren’t going to like you much. I know I just started thinking very carefully about my relationship with Amazon. I’m sure a lot of other folks did too. Already, 180 animals are being looked after by the group’s 40 or so carers as they head into their busiest time of year.In a recent budget submission, ACT Wildlife called for $30,000 in government funding for a part time administration assistant to help take the pressure off carers.”This year for a number of reasons, the drought being a major one, [there are] a larger than usual number of animals”, the submission said.And, as Canberra’s urban sprawl continues to encroach on bush, more and more animals are becoming marooned in the suburbs, carers say.Last financial year, ACT Wildlife answered almost 10,000 calls for help and took in 2329 native animals, releasing 1210 back into the wild and raising 171 orphans.This endangered grey headed flying fox was orphaned after his mother was caught in a barbed wire fence. Photo: Jamila ToderasMs Peachey, who has 35 animals at home, expects those statistics to hit a new record by the end of 2018.”It’s a huge operation but we still only have about the same number of volunteers as when we started,” she says. “I personally answered over 5000 calls.”People think we’re government employees, some are wonderful and take the animals to the vet but others say ‘Can’t you just deal with this, it’s your job’.”What would happen if we stopped?”Almost in the same breath, she leans forward to pat Isabella, a particularly needy wombat sniffing hopefully at her shoes.. canada goose uk black friday

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