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14th October 2015Quote: “To all of my fellow Americans. Please don’t send me any more cookies, ‘cos I can’t eat them, or I won’t be able to fit in Cookie’s clothing.! No more cookies.” Taraji P. Henson is sick of sweet treat gifts from fans of her no nonsense character in hit TV drama Empire..

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Terbrueggen has been running pilot programs with United Precision Products and other companies, mostly pharmaceutical and bio tech firms. He plans to sell his testing kits to companies that screen their own employees. It’s not that different from Walmart checking employees’ temperatures before they can start work, he says.

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I finished it in a couple of days and had about half the yarn left. So over the last couple of days, I made myself a fingerless mitt with the same lace graph. Now I have a second one to do, and if I have enough yarn (I think I will), I do a little sleeve around the thumb opening of each mitt to keep my thumbs nice and warm..

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