Australian Associated PressMarch 27 2020

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has had more than 18,500 requests for assistance from Australians stranded overseas since March 13. Australian Associated PressMarch 27 2020 1:03PMAustralian man anxious about rescue flightDaniel McCulloch and Taylor Thompson FullerThe travel company chartering the rescue flight has organised to get people from Cusco to Lima, but Mr Curnow says people outside the two cities are stuck.”There’s about 300 of us outside Cusco and Lima wondering how we are going to get home,” he told AAP on Friday.The 25 year old is also angry with the federal government.”Essentially the government has only facilitated the permissions from Peru to let this flight take off. They haven’t done anything else,” he said.”No financial support, and with tickets at $5000 it’s a burden on most people.Another flight is expected to leave Montevideo in Uruguay with Australians from the Ocean Atlantic cruise ship and any others in the area who want to come home.The government provided vital assurances to make the flights happen, including indemnity and underwriting unforeseen costs.Australians who can travel home by commercial means are urged to do so as soon as possible.There has been chaos at Australian airports, with crowds of passengers filing out of terminals cheek by jowl.Opposition home affairs spokeswoman Kristina Keneally said the lax social distancing rules and screening risked allowing the virus to take root in the community..

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