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Singles from John Nester and George set the table for Morales to deliver with two outs.The Canaries scratched out an early 2 0 lead on an unearned run in the top of the first and a Logan Landon sacrifice fly in the second.Kyle Martin led off the home fourth with a double, and was singled home by Wood to pull Winnipeg within 2 1.Victor Capellan picked up the win in relief with a scoreless top of the eighth. Kent Hasler chipped in an inning and two thirds scoreless after taking cheap nba jerseys over in the sixth for Goldeyes starter Kevin Hilton.In the second game, the Canaries rebounded quickly with a five run top of the first inning. Nine batters came to the plate with five of them driving in a run, including a safety squeeze bunt from left fielder Michael Hart, who finished the second game with three RBIs.Sioux Falls opened a 12 0 lead with seven more tallies in the third inning.