“As far as a stadium here, we are not in discussion

One aspect of Goff’s game this year that has been drastically different is the rate at which he targets running backs. Any Gurley fantasy owner should have noticed this already. A season ago Goff had 190 targeted passes, 24 of which came to running backs (12.6 percent).

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“He looks very athletic out there,” said Alomar Jr. “We talked to (Dave) Malpass, one of our scouts, who said he’s very athletic. You couldn’t tell that that right away, but then when you when you see him run, going in the gap, you start to make those assessments, like, ‘Wow, he’s more athletic than you thought he was gonna be for the size of his body.'”.

Several hundred boarding students, many of them teenagers from the United States, have tested positive in recent weeks, although most show no symptoms. The northern Israeli town of Karmiel reported last week that almost half the 400 students at a local yeshiva had tested positive. The celebrations, involving crowds of dancing men, had super spreader potential, he warned.

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