289 prepaid plan, the telco recently also launched

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Canada Goose Parka Apart from the Rs. 289 prepaid plan, the telco recently also launched the Rs. 251 prepaid recharge. “We need to de institutionalize recreation. Instead of focusing on getting 60 minutes (of exercise) a day in, what might make more sense is to get people to move more.They’re working through several initiatives, including the Child+Youth Action Research Project, a study with Mount Royal University that’s supported by the Flames Foundation for Life. It’s looking at the relationship between children’s physical activity levels and motivations, trying out new programs to see what works.Another partnership, the Campus Calgary Active Living School, with support from Cenovus, is bringing schoolchildren into the recreation centre for a week at a time to learn about active living.Cardel Place is also taking the active living message out to classrooms beginning this spring, with the Physical Activity Challenge for Kids program developed by University of Calgary kinesiology researcher Larry Katz, supported by the Calgary Foundation.Scott says it’s part of a deliberate focus on raising healthier generations one that’s not based on having to go to a rec centre for a workout.”We really believe now that it has to start at home. Whether it’s the children influencing the parents or the parents influencing the children, it doesn’t matter,” she says.”We decided it needed to be a very holistic approach, because mental, emotional, physical and social well being is all interconnected.”The January 2013 Alberta Survey on Physical Activity, from the Alberta Centre for Active Living, reinforces the messages: while 94 per cent of adult Albertans agree that physical activity will keep them healthy, only 59 per cent are physically active enough to gain those health benefits.Christina Loitz, knowledge transfer specialist with the Centre, says two age groups seem to struggle a little more to get active: older adults, and those at the age when they’re likely starting families.Time pressures, fatigue, lifestyle changes and stress can all contribute to less activity, while higher incomes and good coping skills can contribute to higher levels.Loitz emphasizes that it’s not always factors within our control.”It’s not us being lazy often, it’s that other things are more important at that time, but if we look at our health overall, that’s something that’s important to all of us. Maybe we need to re look at what’s important,” she says.To improve your overall health, she says, simply move more, and move more often.If you have a sedentary job, Loitz suggests getting up every half hour to hour to do some kind of movement even just walking to the water cooler and doing a couple of stretches, changing your posture, using a high desk so you can stand instead of sit, and setting your computer to print to a more distant printer so you have to walk further Canada Goose Parka.